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In this section, you can listen to podcasts, made by EPIC Lab ITAM with various agents in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Rodrigo ZozayaPodcast
00:00 / 07:26

Rodrigo Zozaya and Daniel Reyes talk about the importance of having a good team of entrepreneurs

Alejandra BarroetaPodcast
00:00 / 12:55

Ale Barroeta of Entrepreneurial District talks about Megatrends in Mexico.

Antonio CruzPodcast
00:00 / 15:44

Antonio Cruz talks about the necessary strategies to become an entrepreneur. 

Carlos ZozayaPodcast
00:00 / 06:48

Carlos Zozaya from Grupo Bal  talks about the business innovation.

Podcast Angel VenturesPodcast
00:00 / 10:00

Fabian Aguilar of Angel Ventures talk about financial analysis of startups. 

BBVA Open SpacePodcast
00:00 / 12:32

The BBVA Open Space talk about the digital economy.

Victor GonzálezPodcast
00:00 / 07:24

Victor González talks about how to think about issues and solutions.

Ivan RamírezPodcast
00:00 / 08:28

Ivan Ramirez of BBVA talk about the importance of organizational culture.

Fer LeloPodcast
00:00 / 09:18

Fernando Lelo talks about investments and how put together the perfect pitch. 

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