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Thank you for already being part of this Network

Donate and join the Network

Join the EPIC Friends Network!

For us, entrepreneurs are an engine to boost the economic growth and social development of our country.  


Through the EPIC Friends Network we want to promote the philanthropic culture of the ITAM community.  We want to invite you to join this project. Your generous contribution will contribute to the expansion and development of EPIC initiatives and entrepreneurship in our country. 

By being part of this community, you will get the following benefits: 

•         Invitation to two annual events exclusive to the Network of Friends

•         Participation opportunities for EPIC Lab events: mentor, jury, speaker

•         Access to the EPIC Friends Network Directory

•         Discounts in organized initiatives by ITAM and EPIC Lab

•         Recognition on the ITAM page and the EPIC Lab page

•         Semi-annual newsletter renditions

•         Authorized donor deductible 

We would love for you to join the network and be part of the change! 

If you want more information, write to:

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