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Terms and Conditions

The EPIC Lab is ITAM's Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. This space is available to all students, after registration, and has agreed to the following reasons for entrance:

  1. Work on entrepreneurial projects (including exploring startup interests and/or ideas to active businesses development)

  2. Work with mentors

  3. Organize entrepreneurship events

  4. Meet with friends to talk about entrepreneurship

What is the EPIC Space NOT for?

  • To study

  • To do classwork

The EPIC space is made up of three areas: the Fish Tank, Tank 1, and Tank 2. 

Do I have to reserve these spaces to use them?

  • The Fish Tank is for common use, so it is unncessary to book a room.

  • Tank 1 and Tank 2 are rooms set up for meetings and teamwork. These rooms must be booked. 

How do reservations for Tank 1 and/or Tank 2 operate?

  • Send an email to with the following information:

    • Brief explanation of why you are going to use the space. 

    • The date and time you would like to occupy the space (NOTE: this is subject to availability; these spaces can be reserved by the hour).

    • Number of people who will use the room.

  • The tank(s) will be available to you once you receive a confirmation email. 

How do you get the full fish tank booked?

  • See: Can I schedule events?

The rules of the EPIC Space include the following:

  • Do not eat.

  • Please use closed containers for beverages.

  • IMPORTANT! Clean the EPIC Space after using it:

    • Throw away your trash.

    • Clean the board if you used it.

    • Return any requested equipment to EPIC (controls, cables, markers, etc…).

    • Return the furniture to how you found it.

Can I schedule events?

  • Yes, this is subject to availability. Send an email to with the following information:

    • Date and time of the event

    • Number of attendees

    • Any technical requirements

    • Purpose of the event. (Do not forget that this space is to work on entrepreneurship and innovation, so your event will have to be related.)

  • Events are scheduled to use the fish tank and/or tanks.

Contact the EPIC Lab in the following two ways:



  • Enter your name and your email.

  • Accept our terms and conditions.

  • Follow us on social networks.

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