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SEASON 1: Spring 2021

wake up

 speaker series

Wake-Up Speaker Series is an EPIC Lab initiative where you can hear directly from the experts about the most relevant trends in innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Relive the wake up series

#1: 7 trends changing the world
#2: The future of education
#3: The future of commerce and retail
#4: The future of logistics
#5: branding for startups
#6: Artificial Intelligence
#7: venture capital with perspective On GENDER
#8: The future of retail
#9: The importance of mental health in entrepreneurship
requisitos ITAM


(Alphabetical order)


Frederick Antoni

Co-founder and Managing Partner ALLVP


Gonzalo Begaso

CEO of Chazki

Deborah Dana.jpg

Deborah Dana

Founder and CEO of Canasta Rosa 

Claudia Lozano.jpg

Claudia Lozano

Cascade Head Coach and Human Resources Consultant

Anna Raptis.jpeg

Anna Raptis

Founder and Managing Partner of Amplifica Capital

Juan Saldívar SWS.jpg

Juan Saldivar

Founder of SWS and Digital Officer of Entravision Communication


Heberto Taracena

Co-founder and Managing Partner Capital Invent


Pepe Villatoro

Head of Expansion Mexico de Deel and Co-founder of Fuckup Nights

Manuel Aragonés.jpg

Manuel Aragones

 Co-founder and CEO of deep_dive

Patricio Bichara2.jpg

Patrick Bichara

Co-founder and CEO of Collective Academy


Marinus van Gestel

Head Cornershop LATAM

Vera Marakov.jpg

Vera Makarov

Co-CEO of Apli 

Álvaro Rodríguez.jpeg

​Álvaro Rodríguez

Co-founder and Managing Partner Ignia Capital


Juliana Sarmiento

Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Envíoclick

Cecilia Turriago.jpg

Cecilia Turriago

Managing Director of Enercar


Ricardo Weder

Founder and CEO of Jüsto

Adolfo Babatz copia.jpg

Adolfo Babatz

Founder and CEO of Clip

Mónica Cabrera1.jpeg

Monica Cabrera

Franchise Director at Grupo Salinas


​Álvaro de Juan

CEO of iVoy

Manuel Morato.jpg

Manuel Morato

Business Development at  Dev.f


Daniela Ruiz Massieu

EPIC Lab ITAM Director and Full-Time Professor

Fotografía 1 [CUADRADA] Vincent Speranz

Vincent Hope

CEO of Endeavor Mexico


Fernando Valenzuela

Global Digital Education Thought Leader

Poster WakeUp Cambios 31 MAR-1.jpg
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