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These are our 2020-2021 startups!

Here we present our selected projects for the 2020-2021 mentoring program.


Tool designed to report acts of corruption related to the detection, care and treatment of the COVID 19 virus (coronavirus), the violation or restriction to access personal data and operational failures to both public and private hospitals.


Platform that offers online psychologist services to users and allows psychologists to manage their consultations and receive new patients, reducing project cost.


Technology company with a platform that helps companies track their travelers' expenses in real time.

Carebear Gummies 

Homemade melatonin gummies to help people sleep better without using controlled drugs. There are also gummies with collagen, and other gummies with Omega oil so that small children can take vitamins without problems.

Dar Dar 

It is a platform to buy or gift art by young Mexican artists. The idea is that whoever decides to give art can do so to several loved ones. That is to say, a painting is produced and sent to as a gift to the recipient. Dar Dar delivers the piece framed.


A group of friends obsessed with having the idea of being able to buy an energy drink without concern for health repercussions. Naturally, this obsession led them to come across the powerful yerba mate. Their mission is to share the impressive benefits of this plant with other university students through a ready-to-drink cold drink.


Digital application created by young Mexicans that connects independent chefs, food lovers and expert cooks with those who want to eat something different, at low cost, 100% homemade and supporting the local economy.


Company dedicated to the sale of products at home, mainly cheeses, sausages and wines / spirits. Its hallmark is quality and excellence in service. Today there are B2C and B2B relationships, with a portfolio of approximately 50 recurring clients.

I am Bio MX 

Dedicated to changing the way products are purchased and used with the goal of reducing society's environmental impact.


Digital capital management platform through which companies and investors can carry out operations automatically, through electronically signed digital documents.


A startup that seeks to transform the food production and consumption in cities, through a comprehensive home hydroponic system that allows anyone, with a square meter of space in their home, to produce and harvest their own fruits and vegetables.


A fun and easy way to create delicious cookies without leaving your home. Cuk-Kit takes care of the difficult part of the process, and the customers take care of the fun: decorating, baking and eating.

FinTech Reverse Mortgage 

Grant older adults who own their home a reverse mortgage (financial instrument) so that they RECEIVE payments (monthly or in a single installment) on the value of their home and also can continue living in their property until their death and until the death of their  beneficiary.


A platform that captures the economic behavior data of users. Based on this data, a credit profile and an analysis of individual spending will be prepared. With this information, financial recommendations and savings plans are made to users. 

Depending on their consumption preferences, they will also be presented with opportunities such as discounts on select products and services. In addition, Nima users will have the option to request credit. 

Thanks to the credit profile of the users, better credit conditions can be offered, such as a lower interest rate.


A technology company to monitor the prices of 75 e-commerce sites (increasing month by month) for a catalog of 35 thousand products (increasing month by month); it also offers complementary technology that automates the detection of offers, generates automatic purchases and detectes new products.

Mexico Compliance Reports, SC 

We are using technology to develop an automation tool to help financial institutions improve their regulatory compliance (RegTech).


Online social marketplace to sell second hand clothes. The driver behind Sulgi is users looking to generate an additional source of income by selling their belongings while helping the environment. In Sulgi, the buyer and the seller can be the same person.

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