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  • How do I register for EPIC Lab activities?
    Each semester we launch a plan of initiatives. To participate, check the information on our EPIC Lab events page
  • Do the EPIC Lab activities have any cost?
    At the EPIC Lab we have different types of talks, activities and consultancies. A large number are free, however, some activities do have an additional cost.
  • Do I need to have a project to participate in EPIC Lab activities?
    No, you can participate in most EPIC activities without having a project. In the Capital Raising Program and the Mentoring Network it is necessary to have a business project or idea.
  • If I missed some activities, can I still see them?
    Sure! You can see our activities on our Web page or on our YouTube channel
  • How can I do my social service at EPIC Lab ITAM?
    If you are a student of an ITAM undergraduate or engineering program, please send an email to ourOperating Director Mariana Rojas for more information.
  • If I am an ITAM Ex-Student, how can I participate in the activities and programs of the EPIC Lab ITAM?
    The activities of the EPIC Lab ITAM are open to the general public, you can see our calendar of activities here . Some programs, such as the mentoring or capital raising program, require an application process. For more information please send an email to
  • How can I support entrepreneurship through the EPIC Lab ITAM?
    Thank you very much for trusting in the EPIC lab ITAM and in its initiatives, here you can carry out make donations for this entrepreneurship center.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can contact us through any of our social networks or send an email to Social networks: Facebook Instagram Twitter linkedin
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