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Enroll in the EPIC Entrepreneurship & Innovation Bootcamp 2024

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  • Monday, June 10th – Saturday, June 22nd

  • Schedule:

    • Monday to Fridays: 9:30 am- 6:30 pm

    • Saturdays: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Demo Day:  Saturday, June 22nd | 10 a.m


  • EPIC Lab, at ITAM Rio Hondo Campus + 2 days at BBVA Open Innovation Space  + 1 day at Chemistry Faculty UNAM


  • Undergraduate students interested in developing their skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation through the methodology of Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 steps for a successful startup, developed by MTC by the MIT Entrepreneurship


  • Learn to launch a startup in 24 steps, methodology developed at MIT

  • Get to know the entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Build community with other entrepreneurial students



The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Bootcamp is based on Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology.


The methodology will be taught

(in English) by Jenny Larios Berlin, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.


Teams will be formed of 4 to 5 students. Each team must be comprised of at least two different universities and/or three academic programs.


Each team will be assigned up to two mentors. Teams will meet with mentors during the program.


A Demo Day will be held in front of investors, entrepreneurs, and members of the Advisory Board


The winning team will spend three days at MIT campus and will have the opportunity to attend the Delta V Demo Day


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Alberto Saracho
Co-Founder & CEO soy +

César Pérez Barnés
Senior Advisor Southern Cross
Latin America Private Equity Fund

Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui 
Cofounder & Managing Partner, IGNIA

Ana Lidia Franzoni
Academic Director of Technology and Innovation EPIC Lab

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Elias Shuchleib
CEO & Co-Founder DEV.F

Diego Ocejo
Co-Founder at
Dentis+a and Sonrisa 360

Daniela Ruiz Massieu
Managing Director, EPIC Lab

Fernanda Silva
Cofunder & CEO

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Itzel Villa
Entrepreneurship Leader
Fundación Coppel

Francoise Brailovsky 
Deputy Director of Wellbeing

Francisco Giral 

Georgette Martínez 
Customer Solutions Manager
at Amazon Web Services

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Jana Boltvinik
Strategy Director EPIC Lab

Jimena Pardo 

Managing Director Hi VC

Lorena Bravo
Head in Innovation, Digital Transformation & Security Practices in LATAM.

Lorena Ostos
Co-Founder Plenna

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Marco Plascencia
Founder DTop Material

Margarita Olmedo de la Peña
Professor ITAM

Margarita Tarragona 
Professor, ITAM

Mateo Hernández
Founder & CEO Atend

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Mónica Albarrán
Founder Muuk

Max Tremp
Head of Mexico Partner Organization, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Oliver Epinette
Director International Affairs
at Institut Mines-Télécom

Oscar Kaufmann 
President and CEO
Streamics Active Lab

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Paola Brailovsky
Head of Intelligence RedBox Inspiring Innovation

Othón Canales
Consulting Associate 
Red Integralis

Paulina Paucic
Innovation Consultant RedBox Inspiring Innovation

Pedro López Sela
Managing Partner
FrissOn capital

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Rodrigo del Villar
Founder New Ventures

Rafael Samra
Grupo Exiplastic

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Sebastian Barrios
SVP of Technology

at Mercado Libre


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Agustín Cesar Urrutia 
Strategic Initiatives Uber

David Farias
Forward Transformation on Movement


Alejandro Barahona
Chief Executive Officer
Taste Data Energy


Alfonso Ramos
Managing Director
Banco Azteca

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Gerardo Dueñas
Business Steward
Entropia Business Stewardship

Francisco García Velez
Director of Business Development

Giovana Acosta
Learning & Development  Coordinator
Chemistry Faculty at UNAM

Mauricio Pérez Rubí
Business and Sales Consultant
Mauricio Perez Rubi & Associates

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Natividad Robles
Business Mentor
Entrepreneur Link Faculty of Chemistry at UNAM

Montserrat Calderón

H20 Capital Innovation

Francisco Giral 

VP of Liaison with Graduates & Consultant of Quality, Safety and Industrial Hygiene
Chemistry Faculty at UNAM

Natalia Sánchez 

Investment Associate

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WhatsApp Image 2024-06-07 at 13.09.11.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-07 at 13.09.28.jpeg

Rashide Assad
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Fundación Alberto Bailléres

Selma Ortega Espinosa
Finance Manager

Susana Espinosa

Dux Capital

Yaneli Cruz 

Director of General Corporate Risk
Grupo Televisa

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Teresa Zuniga
VP of Merger & Acquisition 
Grupo BAL

Jenny Larios Berlin

You will get the amazing experience of learning an innovative entrepreneurship methodology directly from Jenny Larios Berlin, Entrepreneur in Residence & Lecturer @ MIT.



  • Total Investment:

    • $12,500 MXN (ITAM students)

    • $14,500 MXN (Other universities)

  • ITAM students can apply for a Bootcamp Scholarship, based on financial need. More information will be provided after completing the application.

  • Investment includes: 

    • Two-week program

    • 3 field trips

    • Networking Event

    • Disciplined Entrepreneurship online book

  • The cost does not include lunch, breakfast nor dinner


  • Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate academic program at ITAM (or invited university)

  • Be interested in entrepreneurship and developing a high-impact project.

  • Full-time availability for the duration of the program

  • Willing to work in a multidisciplinary & multi-university team

  • Must have a good understanding of English 

  • If you already have a team or have a specific idea you wish to develop, please email An interview will be scheduled, and a Committee will decide on a case-by-case basis.

  • Application Deadline: April 30, 2024

Learn more about the previous Bootcamps


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Join our Entrepreneurship & Innovation Bootcamp!

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